Raw (2016)


I must tell you, if you are squeamish or queasy don’t watch this movie. I am not in any way and I can put up with almost everything that someone thinks is nasty but I had few eeews while watching this movie. Sick plot and really shocking revealing at the end. Kinda liked the movie.

Plot: Lifelong vegetarian Justine begins her first semester at veterinary school, the same one her older sister is currently attending and where her parents met. Her first night, she meets her gay roommate Adrien and is forced to partake in a hazing ritual, welcoming the new students. They are brought to a party, where Justine feels uncomfortable until she runs into her older sister Alexia. Alexia shows Justine old class photos of students bathed in blood, including one with their parents. The next morning, the new class is splattered with blood during their class photo and then are lined up and forced to eat raw rabbit’s kidneys. Justine refuses, saying she is a vegetarian and even asking Alexia to back her up. However Alexia denies she’s a vegetarian and after Justine watches Alexia eat a kidney, she reluctantly eats one as well. Later that night, Justine discovers a strong, itchy rash all over her body. She goes to the doctor the next day, who diagnoses her with food poisoning and gives her a cream for the rash. The next day, Justine begins having cravings for meat, stealing a hamburger from the cafeteria, which she later throws up, ashamed of herself. Still craving meat, she and Adrien take a late night trip to a gas station so no one will see Justine eating meat. On their way there, Justine observes a car crash. Unsatisfied with her trip to the gas station, Justine ends up eating raw chicken in the morning. After she talks with her teacher about cheating, Justine throws up a bundle of hair she ate. That night, she drinks with Alexia and asks if she can sleep at her place. She finds the same cream in Alexia’s cabinet that the doctor gave Justine. Alexia gives her a bikini wax, during which some of the wax gets stuck on Justine’s skin and Alexia proceeds to try to cut the wax off with sharp scissors. Justine kicks her away and Alexia accidentally cuts her own finger off and faints. Justine immediately calls an ambulance. As she waits, she is overwhelmed with her craving for meat, and eats the finger which Alexia sees when she wakes up. At the hospital she tries to throw it up but fails. The missing finger is blamed on Quicky, Alexia’s dog, who is put down. The next morning, Alexia takes Justine to a deserted road, where she jumps in front of a car, which crashes into a tree. Alexia starts eating one of the passengers, as Justine tries to stop her. She walks back to school alone. Despite this, Justine’s craving for human meat grows and she starts lusting after Adrien. She finds Alexia playing video games with him and gets jealous. That night, Justine has a nightmare where something attacks her in her sleep. Once she recovers, she arrives at a party, where paint is thrown at her as part of another hazing ritual and she is forced to kiss a boy, during which she bites part of his lip off. Later as she is washing herself, one of her teeth falls out and she eats it. Justine confides in Adrien and they end up having sex, during which Justine tries to bite Adrien several times, finally biting her own arm as she climaxes. They fight the next day. Justine gets extremely intoxicated at a party, when she meets Alexia who takes her to the morgue. The next morning, everyone in the school stares at Justine, some avoiding her. After a lecture, Adrien shows her a video of a drunken Justine crawling on the floor like an animal trying to take bites out of the arm of a corpse which Alexia pulls out of reach. An angry Justine attacks Alexia in the quad and the two fight. Alexia bites part of Justine’s face off and they both bite each other’s arms, finally taken comfort in eating one another only to be pulled apart by two coeds. Later, Alexia bandages Justine’s wound. The morning after, the hazing week ends and Justine awakens to find Adrien dead in his bed, with most of his right leg eaten away. She thinks she killed him in her sleep at first but finds a bloody ski pole on the floor next to the bed and a stab wound in his back. She gets out of the bed to find a bloody and mostly catatonic Alexia slumped in the kitchen holding a video game controller. Justine takes the ski pole and points at Alexia’s head but then decides not to kill Alexia. Justine takes Alexia to the shower to get her cleaned up. Alexia is put into prison where Justine and her parents visit her. Despite everything the two sisters appear to be on good terms as Justine presses the scar on her cheek from the bite Alexia gave her to the glass and Alexia kisses it. At home Justine’s father tells her that what happened is neither her fault nor Alexia’s and explains that when he first met Justine’s mother he couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to be with him until the first time they kissed. He then opens his shirt to show scars and chunks of his flesh missing and tells Justine that he is sure she will be able to find a solution.

I give it 8/10 because of great acting. Not putting any photos ’cause they are really awful.


Cruel Intentions 1,2,3 (1999.,2000.,2004.)

As I accidentally saw a Cruel intentions 3 on tv and watched maybe first twenty minutes I didn’t know there was 1 and 2 at that time. So last night I watched all three one after another and I must say the movies really go well with the title. They are full of surprises and really awful how things can turn out.


Plot CI1:

In an upscale New York City mansion, wealthy and popular teenager Kathryn Merteuil  is discussing her prep school with Mrs. Caldwell  and Mrs. Caldwell’s daughter, Cecile. Kathryn promises Mrs. Caldwell that she will look out for the sheltered and naïve Cecile. Kathryn’s step-brother, Sebastian, enters the room, whereupon Mrs. Caldwell reacts to him coldly and leaves with Cecile. Kathryn reveals to him that her real intention is to use Cecile to take revenge on her ex-lover Court Reynold, who has dumped her for Cecile. Kathryn asks Sebastian to seduce Cecile; he refuses as he is planning to seduce Annette Hargrove, the virgin daughter of their prep school’s new headmaster. Annette is a ‘paradigm of chastity and virtue’ who recently wrote a published essay about saving herself for marriage and has been temporarily staying with Sebastian’s aunt. The two make a wager: if Sebastian fails to bed Annette, Kathryn gets Sebastian’s vintage Jaguar XK140; if he succeeds, Kathryn will have sex with him. It is mentioned that Sebastian keeps a journal detailing his conquests. Sebastian’s first attempt to seduce Annette fails, as she had already been told of his reputation as a womanizer. He vents to his friend, Blaine Tuttle, who suggests that the informant might be Annette’s ex-boyfriend and closeted jock, Greg McConnell, revealing to Sebastian that Greg tried to make a pass at him. He uses that to seduce Greg while being secretly filmed by Sebastian. Sebastian confronts Greg with the photographs, but he denies warning Annette. Greg is pressured into investigating who did, and Sebastian also orders him to present him in a good light to Annette. Later, while gushing about Sebastian to Annette, Greg discovers that the culprit is Cecile’s mother, Mrs. Caldwell. Wanting revenge on the Caldwells, Sebastian agrees to seduce Cecile. Meanwhile, Cecile’s music teacher, Ronald Clifford, is in love with her. Cecile confesses this to Kathryn. Kathryn tells Mrs. Caldwell about Ronald and Cecile’s romance and Mrs. Caldwell orders Cecile to end it. Sebastian, in turn, calls Cecile to his house, ostensibly to give her a letter from Ronald. There he blackmails Cecile in order to perform oral sex on her. The next day, Cecile confides in Kathryn, who advises her to learn from Sebastian so that she can make Ronald happy in bed. Sebastian begins to fall in love with Annette, who returns his feelings but still resists him. Sebastian calls her a hypocrite because she claims to be waiting for her one true love, but when her one true love chooses to love her back, she resists. She relents, but Sebastian refuses her, confused about his feelings colliding with his stolid sexuality. Annette flees to the estate of her friend’s parents. Sebastian tracks her down, professes his love, and makes love to her. As he has won the bet, Kathryn offers herself to Sebastian the next day, but he refuses; he now only wants Annette. Kathryn tries kissing him, but he rejects her again saying that it’s only a stupid bet. She starts taunting him and he tells her he was planning on confessing the truth to Annette anyway. Kathryn warns him not to do it, that people don’t change overnight and that it would not only be destroying his reputation, but also hers. Afterward, Sebastian full of remorse tells Annette he just wanted to see what she was like in bed. Heartbroken, Annette tells him to leave. He then goes to see Kathryn to fulfill the initial arrangement they had and tells her that he has broken up with Annette and arranged for Cecile and Ronald to be together. Kathryn reveals that she has known all along that he was truly in love with Annette and that it amused her to make him feel ashamed of it. She tells him he gave up on the first person he ever loved, all because she threatened his reputation. Sebastian desperately tries to get a hold of Annette to confess the truth and beg for her forgiveness. Kathryn calls Ronald, telling him that Sebastian slept with Cecile and lying to him that Sebastian hit her. Annette refuses to see or speak to Sebastian, so he leaves his journal for her to read. In which, he has detailed all of Kathryn’s manipulative schemes as well as their bet, and written his true feelings for Annette. As he heads home, Ronald intercepts him on the street, starting a fight. Annette runs out and tries to stop it, but is accidentally thrown into the way of traffic. Sebastian pushes her to safety and is hit by a cab. Before dying, Sebastian confesses he loves her and Annette tells him she loves him too. At Sebastian’s funeral, Cecile distributes copies of his journal, made into a book by Annette, titled Cruel Intentions. Kathryn is humiliated and rejected by her classmates and teachers. Her reputation is ruined when cocaine is discovered in her rosary. In the final scene, Annette drives away in Sebastian’s car with his journal at her side as she remembers the moments they shared.



Plot CI2;

Troublemaker student Sebastian Valmont is transferring to Manchester Prep following his father’s new marriage to a wealthy divorcee. His current principal is insistent on having Sebastian’s permanent record relayed to his new school, thereby hampering his chance for a fresh start, but Sebastian already retaliated by pulling a cruel stunt on his wife. Following his arrival in New York, Sebastian discovers the wealth of his new family and first meets his deceitful and determined step-sister Kathryn Merteuil. Sebastian quickly proves to be able to better her both at piano and vocabulary. This leads to a confrontation between Kathryn and Sebastian whereby she states that she has a comfortable lifestyle and that he “better not interfere”. Sebastian begins school. While waiting to see his new headmaster, he encounters Danielle Sherman, who is, unbeknownst to him, Headmaster Sherman’s daughter. Luckily, Sebastian swapped his permanent record for an excelling one before it was sent to the headmaster’s office, and he can now start over with a clean slate. A school assembly follows, showing Kathryn delivering a speech to her classmates, but being persistently interrupted by uncontrollable hiccups coming from a student, who then begins to choke on the gum that she was chewing in a bid to stop her hiccups. She is saved by the quick action of Danielle who performs the Heimlich maneuver, allowing the student to expel the gum, which ends up flying into Kathryn’s hair. A meeting of a secret society of student elites presided by Kathryn takes place, deciding upon the fate of the new students. This leads them to Cherie, the student with the hiccups, as well as the discovery that Cherie’s family is wealthier than that of Kathryn; this, along with the events of the assembly, causes Kathryn to seek a vendetta against Cherie. Sebastian, coming from a more humble upbringing, wishes to befriend his house staff. Doing so angers Kathryn, whose day is interrupted by not being able to contact her driver. This, combined with Kathryn’s jealousy of Sebastian, causes her to admit that she is unhappy with her life. Sebastian attempts to woo Danielle: first, asking her for coffee at her work; then later, conversing with her over the telephone. Eventually, this evolves into a relationship, but Kathryn, seeing this, uses it as a way to get back at Sebastian. She tries to lure him away from Danielle by tempting him with identical twins, who confide to Sebastian that Danielle is the only virgin at Manchester. Kathryn’s attempt to sabotage Cherie backfires, as Kathryn’s mother tells her to become best friends with Cherie, in an attempt to encourage Cherie’s mother to donate a large amount of money to the school. In the end, Sebastian stays with Danielle; he professes his love for her, only to find that she does not reciprocate. It turns that Danielle is actually working alongside Kathryn in a secret plan to dupe Sebastian. Defeated by Kathryn’s manipulation, Sebastian states “if you can’t beat them, join them”, thus leading to a threesome with Danielle and Kathryn, followed by an alliance of the three to dominate and manipulate others. In the last scene, Cherie is seen riding her bike, which is run over by Sebastian’s car. Sebastian offers to give her a ride and has sex with her. Kathryn and Danielle are seen, in the front of the car, pleased with the results.



Plot CI3:

Cassidy Merteuil (Kristina Anapau) is a beautiful, manipulative student at an exclusive Santa Barbara college. Jason Argyle (Kerr Smith) and Patrick Bates (Nathan Wetherington) are roommates there. They pull off a devious plan where Patrick beds Cassidy and disrupts a potential relationship she had been pursuing with a British prince. This then helps Jason win a bet he made with Cassidy (which turns out to have been Patrick’s bet all along). When Patrick (who also reveals his awkwardness and social ineptitude to be an act) and Jason reveal their deception to her, she is devastated. She later encourages them to compete against each other. Jason has to seduce Sheila (Natalie Ramsey), who is in a steady relationship with Michael (Tom Parker), and Patrick has to seduce Alison (Melissa Yvonne Lewis), who is already engaged. Jason succeeds in his part, but Patrick is rejected by Alison, who says she does not want to cheat, and does not find him sexually attractive. When classmate Brent Patterson (Charlie Weber) shows an interest in Allison after being rejected by Cassidy, she succumbs to temptation and sleeps with him, not knowing Patrick is taking photos. Patrick blackmails Alison, using the photos of her cheating on her fiancé. He tells her how he succeeded before he throws her on her bed, pulls down her white thong and rapes her in order to fulfill his part of the bet. Meanwhile, Jason and Cassidy strike up a relationship, as Patrick is left unsatisfied and angry by the rape. He attempts to seduce Cassidy, but she rejects him. So, he convinces Cassidy that the man she loves, Jason, is only staying with her because he wants to win the bet he and Patrick had set up, which was to see who could sleep with Cassidy first. Seemingly angry with Jason, she succumbs to Patrick, and Jason walks in on them. Patrick snidely remarks that both Jason and Cassidy have been victims of his cruel game to show them that they underestimated the evil in themselves. They ask him if he has ever been a victim, and he tells them no. Cassidy reveals that this had been her plan all along. She began the little charade so Patrick and Jason would seduce Alison and Sheila; before sleeping with Patrick, she took one of his sleeping pills, planning to tell the policemen that he had drugged and raped her. As Patrick is led away by the police, bewildered and protesting his innocence, he is warned that another victim has come forward, and he will get the punishment he deserves for raping Alison. In the end, Jason and Cassidy are shown together and making another bet with each other.


Call me by your name (2017)


I finally thought that in one movie that absolutely left me speechless will be a happy ending that I wanted, but no. I hate these kinds of endings, why they couldn’t just be together? I liked the mixture of languages, mixed emotions that Elio encounter while being with Marzia. I cried, yes I did, but despite the awful ending I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Plot; Elio, a seventeen-year-old Jewish American-Italian boy, lives in the northern Italian countryside with his parents. His father, a professor of archaeology, invites a 24-year-old Jewish American graduate student, Oliver, to live with his family during the summer of 1983 and help with his academic paperwork. Elio, an introspective bibliophile, and musical prodigy find little in common with Oliver’s carefree and exuberant personality. Elio also resents vacating his bedroom for the duration of Oliver’s stay. Elio spends much of the summer reading books and hanging out with his girlfriend, Marzia, while Oliver is attracted to one of the local girls, much to Elio’s chagrin. Elio and Oliver begin to spend time with each other, and a seductive courtship emerges—they swim together, go for long walks in the town, and accompany Elio’s father on an archaeological trip. Although Elio begins a sexual relationship with Marzia and brags about it in front of Oliver to gauge his reaction, he increasingly finds himself attracted to Oliver. He sneaks into Oliver’s room to smell his bathing suit and thinks about him while masturbating. During a trip to the post office, Elio subtly confesses his feelings to Oliver, who gently tells him that he should not act on them. Later that day, Elio and Oliver kiss, though Oliver is reluctant to go further. The pair subsequently grows distant during the next few days. In response to a note from Elio, Oliver leaves a note on Elio’s desk telling Elio to meet him at midnight. Elio spends the day with Marzia, all the while longing to see Oliver. Finally, at midnight, he approaches Oliver on the patio. The two make love for the first time. They grow closer over the next few days, having sex frequently while keeping their relationship secret. In bed, Oliver tells Elio, “Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine”. They become more intimate both physically and emotionally. On one occasion, Elio ejaculates into a peach that he has split open, and when Oliver discovers it, he tries to take a bite of the peach in front of a humiliated Elio, who begs him not to. Completely smitten with Oliver by this point, Elio starts avoiding Marzia. With the end of Oliver’s stay imminent, the couple finds themselves overcome by uncertainty and longing. Elio’s parents, conscious of the bond between the two, recommend they take a trip to Bergamo together before Oliver goes back to America. They spend three romantic days together, after which Oliver leaves, and a heartbroken Elio returns home. He encounters a sympathetic Marzia, who still wants to be his friend, and his father, seeing how forlorn his son is, tells him that he was aware of Elio’s affair with Oliver. He confesses to having come close to his own love affair with a friend in his youth and urges Elio to find pleasure in the grief since a true love of the kind Elio and Oliver shared is rare. During Hanukkah, Elio receives a phone call from Oliver, who tells Elio and his family that he is engaged to be married. Oliver tells Elio that he remembers everything as they call each other by their names a final time. After the phone call, a pained Elio sits by the fireplace. A parade of emotions crosses his face as his parents and the house staff prepares a holiday dinner.



Premonition (2007)


I find this movie terrifying and while I was watching it a bit confused. As almost all my recently watched movies didn’t watch the beginning but realized what is going on. A dramatic and awful story, but in some way educational and I liked it at the end.

Plot; After Jim (Julian McMahon) surprises his wife Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) with a new house, they have two daughters, Megan (Shyann McClure) and Bridgette (Courtney Taylor Burness). While Jim is away on a business trip, Linda is left to take care of the girls. Linda talks with her friend Annie (Nia Long), who asks how Linda and Jim are, since their relationship has gotten into a rut. Then Linda goes through various chores. When she checks the answering machine, there is a message from Jim, in which he says that he meant everything he said in front of the kids the other night, and he wants her to know that he was sincere. He spots a call waiting on his phone and mutters “Is that you?” before hanging up. Linda calls him back and leaves a message. The doorbell rings, and Linda opens the door to Sheriff Reilly (Marc Macaulay), who tells Linda that her husband died in a car accident on the previous day. After picking her girls up from school, Linda sadly tells them that their father won’t be coming home. Linda’s mother, Joanne (Kate Nelligan), comes over and takes charge of Linda’s daughters. After putting the kids to bed, Joanne talks with her daughter. She tells Linda that although it is difficult, they should start making funeral arrangements and look over Linda and Jim’s insurance plans. Linda tells her mother that she is not ready yet. Linda falls asleep on the living room couch, only to wake up in bed, dressed in a nightgown and covered with sheets and blankets. Confused, she gets up and knocks on the guest room door. No one is inside. Linda walks downstairs, where Jim is at the counter drinking coffee and watching TV. Linda is shocked. Still in a daze, Linda drops off the kids at school. As she drives on, she makes an abrupt stop that angers drivers around her, and she is approached by Sheriff Reilly, who warns her to be more careful. The sheriff acts as if he’s never met her before. Linda returns home to her chores but notices the rainbow sweater again. She walks outside to hang laundered bed sheets. While she tries to spread out a sheet, she trips on a toy and falls backwards on a dead crow. Some of the blood gets on her hand, and she gets blood all over the glass door (which now has no stickers on it) and on the sink. The day ends with a family dinner, the girls reporting a boring day, Linda wakes up the next day and finds an empty prescription bottle of lithium with pills scattered in the sink. The label on the bottle states the pills were prescribed by Doctor Norman Roth. She finds the mirrors in the house covered in sheets while she makes her way downstairs. She encounters family and friends wearing mourning garb. Annie is there and assures Linda that the kids are safe outside. Linda finds the girls on the swing set. Bridgette has terrible red gashes all over her face. Megan tells her mom that she does not see any scars and her sister looks perfect. At the burial, a young priest is giving the eulogy for Jim, describing him as a wonderful man who always put his family first. Back at the house, Linda frantically flips through the phone book, but finds the correct page in the trash rather than the book. She calls Dr. Roth’s office, and a recorded message states that the office is only open during weekdays. Later, several men come to the house. One introduces himself as Dr. Norman Roth (Peter Stormare), and with him are his assistants and Sheriff Reilly. Joanne apologizes but tells Linda that she needs help, Linda wakes up in her own bed again and finds Jim in the shower. At breakfast, she is happy to see that Bridgette’s face is wound-free. After dropping the girls off at school, she stops in her driveway and opens the garbage to discover the crow’s body inside. She goes to Dr. Roth’s office. He doesn’t recognize her and initiates a session where she tells him of seeing Jim alive and then dead again. At the end of the session he prescribes lithium. Back at the house, Linda sees Bridgette running toward the glass doors and urges her to stop. Bridgette can’t tell the door is closed and runs through it, breaking the glass and hurting her face and hands. Linda hurries the girls to the emergency room and Jim arrives. Linda feels the crumpled phone book page in her back pocket. She throws it in the trash. But the sight of the paper in the basket triggers her memory and she makes a timeline of the week’s events. She hasn’t experienced Friday yet, but Saturday is the funeral. She hides the paper under the tablecloth and goes to talk to Jim. She begs him not to go, but seeing that it’s no good, requests that “If tomorrow is Wednesday, please, please wake me up before you leave.” He promises. Linda wakes up on the living room couch, understands it is Friday. She meets with Annie who expresses sympathy for the week’s events. Linda tells Annie that maybe all of this was meant to happen. Linda then visits the insurance agent, who tells her that Jim came in the morning of his accident and tripled his life insurance plans, and she makes the funeral arrangements. Later that night, she asks Joanne, “If I let Jim die, is that the same thing as killing him? (the word “let” being ambiguous here). Joanne simply confirms that he is already dead. Linda wakes up on the previous Sunday. She sends Jim off with the kids while she drives to the church. There, she speaks with Father Kennedy (Jude Ciccolella) and explains that she’s scared. Kennedy has an entire book detailing incidents similar to hers. Centuries ago a woman had a vision that there was going to be a hurricane and kill all the people. The woman was later hanged as a witch, but two days later the hurricane happened. He explains that the faithless are more susceptible to greater forces. He says that she must have faith and that life itself can be a miracle. Eventually, Linda visits the site of the accident. She stares at the “Mile 220” sign, which is where Sheriff Reilly told her the accident took place. Images of her family flash before her eyes as Linda tries to decide what to do. That night, Linda puts pressure on Jim and the kids to show more affection for each other. She continues acting strange, so Jim tries to comfort her. She tells him that she’s had a dream where he died. He tells her that it is just a dream and that everything will be fine, Linda wakes up in her bed once again. She finds a note from Jim saying that he’s taking the kids to school and will be back tomorrow. Linda begins to search for Jim, who then calls the house and leaves the message from the beginning of the film. The two have a reconciliation. Then Linda tries to save Jim from the car accident over the phone; however, her attempt fails. The movie ends with Linda pregnant with another child.

Source; Wiki


Game Night (2018)


I was really into this movie and watched it in the theater. I must say the movie is great, but I expected more action, I got lost in the plot few times, but despite all I liked the movie.

Plot; Competitive gamers Max and Annie meet during trivia night at a bar, quickly fall in love, and get married. They are trying to have a child, but their attempts are unsuccessful due to Max’s stress surrounding his feelings of inadequacy when compared to his vastly more successful, attractive brother Brooks. During Max and Annie’s routine weekend game night with their friends Ryan, Kevin, and his wife Michelle, Brooks shows up and immediately shows Max up by arriving in a Corvette Stingray and sharing an embarrassing childhood story during charades. Annie also finds Brooks extremely obnoxious and decides to work together with Max to defeat him at the upcoming game night, which Brooks offers to host at a house he’s renting while visiting. When the guests arrive, including Ryan’s new date, Sarah, Brooks says he’s initiated an interactive role-playing mystery game, promising the winner his Stingray. After a while, an actor playing an FBI agent informs them of the narrative of the mystery, only for two masked men to break in and assault him and Brooks. The guests, believing it to be part of the game, idly watch. After Brooks is dragged out of the house, the couples begin to solve the mystery using the clues left behind by the actor. While Kevin and Michelle play the game fairly, Max and Annie track Brooks down using his phone’s GPS location, while Ryan and Sarah track down the company in charge of managing the game, hoping to find the answer there. Max and Annie track Brooks down to a seedy bar and, using a pistol left behind by Brooks during the struggle (which they believe to be fake), they manage to take the keys to the storage closet, where Brooks is being held. After Annie mistakenly fires the gun and shoots Max in the arm, confirming the legitimacy of their danger, the three escape, where Brooks admits that he actually makes his living buying and selling things on the black market, in particular a Fabergé egg sought by a man known only as the Bulgarian and is owned by a man using the alias Marlon Freeman. With his captors in pursuit, Brooks exits the moving car to guarantee Max and Annie’s escape. Eventually, the others learn of what they’ve become involved in, avoiding police on one of Brook’s warnings. Trying to determine the identities of the Bulgarian and Marlon Freeman, they go to police officer and former friend Gary’s house, under the false pretense of a game night, in order to use his computer. Max finds out that Marlon Freeman is named Donald Anderton and learns of his address, though cannot find information on the Bulgarian. The group leaves Gary’s house and arrives at Anderton’s address, where he is hosting an underground fight club. As the others search the house, Ryan spots the egg in a safe on the wall and is caught trying to steal it. The group escapes with the egg, but accidentally break it. They discover the egg is a worthless fake, but end up finding a list of names that was stored inside of it, realizing this was what the Bulgarian wanted. The group finds Brooks and his captors on an under-construction bridge and move in to rescue him. Facing execution, Brooks reveals to Max his own insecurities throughout the years as a reason for his life of crime and only wanted to be as successful as Max. Before the group is killed, they are rescued by Gary, who is shot in the chest. Max and Annie, who have repeatedly rebuffed his requests to join them in game night following the separation of his wife Debbie, try to encourage him to pull through by promising to invite him to every future game night. Gary then reveals that he faked the entire scenario with the two captors, felons who agreed to help in exchange for a shortened parole, trying to trick them into letting him join game night again. He is, however, unaware about the egg or Brook’s involvement in it, and they are immediately attacked by the real Bulgarian, who captures Brooks after he swallows the list, revealed to be people in the witness protection program, to keep it out of his hands. Max and Annie use Brook’s corvette (Brooks having snuck the keys into Max’s coat pocket to ensure that he won) to drive to the airport and stop the Bulgarian from taking off with Brooks in his jet, subduing him and freeing Brooks. A few months later, Brooks, under house arrest for his crimes, still manages to sell the list for $3 million (though also earning another $20,000 from each person on the list to let them know they’ve been tipped off), and Annie finally becomes pregnant. While the group (including an inept Gary) are continuing their game night, men with guns get ready to storm the building. A sequence during the closing credits reveals a diagram and models of the portion of the night that Gary had planned.




Just go with it (2011)


As always, randomly watched this movie, kinda like it, so why not. I really liked the presentation of life and love that can happen to anyone.

Plot; In 1988, Daniel “Danny” Maccabee (Adam Sandler), a 22-year old man, leaves his wedding right before the ceremony is about to begin after learning that his fiancee is cheating on him, and was only marrying him because he was going to be a doctor and provide her with a comfortable lifestyle. He goes to drink alone at a bar, where a young, beautiful woman (Minka Kelly) walks in. She sees that Danny has a wedding ring on his hand, and asks him about his wife, to which he explains how she recently left him for someone else, and the woman from the bar ends up sleeping with him. Twenty-three years later, Danny (now 45-years old) is now a successful plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who feigns unhappy marriages to get women and to avoid romantic commitment that may lead to heartbreak. The only woman aware of his schemes is his office manager and best friend Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston), a divorced mother of two. At a party, Danny meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a sixth-grade math teacher, without his wedding ring on, and they have a connection together. The next morning, she finds the ring and assumes he is married. She refuses to date him because her parents divorced due to adultery and do not want to be an adulteress herself. Instead of telling her the truth, Danny tells her that he is getting divorced from a woman named Devlin, named after Devlin Adams, whom Katherine had mentioned was an old college sorority nemesis. Danny tells Palmer that they are getting divorced because she cheated on him with a man named “Dolph Lundgren” (not the actor). Palmer then insists on meeting Devlin. Danny asks Katherine to pose as “Devlin” and they go shopping on Rodeo Drive for new clothes to dress like a trophy wife. A made-over Katherine/”Devlin” than meets with Danny and Palmer and gives them her blessing. However, after hearing Katherine talking on the phone with her kids, Palmer assumes that her kids are Danny’s as well. Danny then privately meets with Katherine’s kids, Maggie (Bailee Madison) and Michael (Griffin Gluck), to get them to play along with the ruse and gives them the aliases of “Kiki Dee” and “Bart” respectively. Palmer meets the kids, who then blackmail Danny in front of Palmer to take them all to Hawaii. At the airport, they are all surprised by Danny’s goofball cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson), who has adopted an Austrian disguise as the “Dolph Lundgren” that Danny had made up earlier. To maintain the lies, Danny and Katherine are forced to bring him along. At the resort in Hawaii, Danny tells Eddie that he is considering asking Palmer to marry him. Katherine and Danny also run into the real-life Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman) and her husband Ian Maxtone-Jones (Dave Matthews), who allegedly invented the iPod. Because of Katherine and Devlin’s long-time rivalry, Katherine introduces Danny as her husband rather than admit she is a single mother. Later, Palmer decides to spend time with Katherine so that Danny can spend more time with the kids. Danny teaches Michael how to swim, and Katherine and Palmer look on in admiration. Katherine again runs into Devlin, who invites her and Danny out to dinner. Eddie agrees to take Palmer out to dinner so that Danny can go with Katherine. Since he is supposed to be a sheep salesman, Eddie’s cover is nearly blown when he is forced to save the life of an actual sheep who choked on a toy whistle, though he nearly kills the animal in the process. At dinner, Devlin asks Danny and Katherine to tell each other what they admire most about each other, and, as Danny and Katherine talk, they start to feel a connection. Later, when Palmer and Eddie return from their dinner date, Palmer suggests that she and Danny get married now since a drunken Eddie told her about Danny’s plans of engagement. Danny and Katherine are both surprised by her proposition, but Danny ultimately agrees. Danny later calls Katherine regarding his confusion, but Katherine says that she will be taking a job in New York City (which she had mentioned to him earlier) to get a fresh start to her life. The next day, Palmer confronts Katherine about Danny’s feelings for her, which Katherine dismisses. Katherine then runs into Devlin at a bar and admits that she pretended to be married to Danny to avoid embarrassment. Devlin confesses that she is divorcing Ian because he is gay and also that he did not invent the iPod, but made his money by suing the Los Angeles Dodgers after getting hit by a foul ball. Katherine confides in Devlin about being in love with Danny, but then Danny shows up behind her, saying that he is not marrying Palmer and that he is in love with Katherine. Meanwhile, on the plane ride back to the mainland, Palmer meets a professional tennis player (Andy Roddick) who shares her interests. Sometime later, Danny and Katherine get married.


28 Days (2000)


Saturday night, just switching programs, I bump into this movie, not watching it from the beginning but very interested in the topic. The movie showed every raw side of being an addict, from happy to sad moments that actually have to happen. I left out with tears, mixed emotions and reminding on years behind of me.

Plot; Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) spends her nights in a drunken haze with her boyfriend, Jasper (Dominic West). She ruins her sister (Elizabeth Perkins) Lily’s wedding by showing up late and disheveled, delivering a drunken, rambling speech, and knocking over the wedding cake. Intoxicated, Gwen steals a limousine from the reception, tries to locate a cake store, and winds up losing control of the car and crashing into a house. She is given a choice between 28 days in jail or in a rehab center, and she chooses rehab. Gwen is introduced to a variety of patients while in treatment: Oliver (Mike O’Malley) (a hypersexual cocaine addict), Daniel (Reni Santoni) and Roshanda (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) (alcoholics), Bobbi Jean (Diane Ladd) (an older addict), Gerhardt (Alan Tudyk) (a gay man whose addiction is not specified), and Cornell (Steve Buscemi), the rehab facility’s director (a recovered drug addict and alcoholic). Her roommate is young Andrea (Azura Skye), a heroin addict who sporadically self-harms and is a fan of the fictitious soap opera Santa Cruz. Initially, Gwen is angry and resistant to taking part in any of the treatment programs on offer, refusing to admit that she is an alcoholic. On visiting day, Jasper shows up and slips her a bottle of medication, then the two sneak off for a day of drinking and drugging. Later, Gwen returns to the facility, clearly inebriated. The next day, Gwen is confronted by Cornell. He informs her that she’s being kicked out of rehab the next day and will be going to jail instead. Gwen angrily denies that she has a problem with alcohol, that she can stop any time that she wants. Ignored, she angrily makes her way back to her room, where she rifles through her tissue box to get to her smuggled drugs. She puts a pill in her mouth but quickly spits it back out, then tosses the open bottle out the third-story window. All throughout the day, Gwen experiences withdrawal symptoms. She shuns the meetings and any activities, all the while desperately trying to push through her physical discomfort on her own. Later that evening, in a moment of weakness, she attempts to climb out her window and retrieve the discarded meds. She falls, severely spraining her ankle, and is rescued by Eddie (Viggo Mortensen), a pro baseball player and fellow addict, who is just arriving as a new patient. The next morning, Gwen asks Cornell for another chance, finally convinced that anyone who would climb out of a three-story window to chase a high might have a problem. He relents; and Gwen finally begins to participate in the recovery process, growing closer to her fellow addicts and her roommate, Andrea. Gwen discovers that Eddie is also a fan of Santa Cruz, and their fellow group participants join Eddie and Andrea in catching up on tapes of the show. During therapy sessions, Gwen experiences flashbacks of a childhood that included a thrill-seeking addict mother who died of an overdose when Gwen was about six, leaving young Lily and Gwen to be raised by an aunt. On one of his visits, Jasper proposes to Gwen, bringing champagne to celebrate. Not wanting to jeopardize her newfound sobriety, Gwen throws the champagne into the lake. Later, her fellow addicts try to encourage her to see that Jasper isn’t taking her sobriety seriously and to be careful. At some point, Gwen’s sister Lily attends a group therapy session but leaves in disgust when Gwen become dismissive of Lily’s recollections and resentments of her younger sister’s drunken antics. Eddie and Gwen’s friendship grows closer. Afraid to share what she’d done as a practicing alcoholic for fear of looking bad to Eddie, they share a moment when Eddie tells her that’s just what she’s done. She is just fine as she is. They are come upon by Jasper, who showed up unannounced. Jasper then proceeds to insult and pick a fight with Eddie, shoving him. Eddie punches him before Gwen stops any further violence. Eddie walks off, and Gwen and Eddie’s friendship becomes estranged. Gwen’s roommate, Andrea, is soon to be released and has been agitated and moody at the prospect, as well as heartbroken that her mother has never visited her during her entire stint in rehab. Gwen discovers Andrea dead in their bathroom, clearly having overdosed. Andrea’s death leaves Gwen devastated and perhaps wiser as to how an addict’s behavior affects others. Gwen commits herself to restoring her relationship with her sister. Gwen and Lily reconcile, and Gwen leaves treatment, but not before Eddie warns her that Jasper is dangerous to her sobriety. Back in New York, Jasper tries to make amends to Gwen for his behavior. Reconciling, Gwen tries to help Jasper to understand what needs to change in their relationship to support her recovery; but she soon sees that Jasper doesn’t take her sobriety seriously. Seeing old party friends, Jasper wants to join them, demonstrating that he won’t change his lifestyle or adjust to her needs and abstentions as a recovering addict. Gwen comes to terms with the fact that they are too different now and starts to see that recovery, though an everyday struggle, might be attainable. She breaks up with Jasper and walks away for good. Sometime later, she is reunited with a sober Gerhardt at a floral shop. In a post-credit scene, Eddie recognizes a Santa Cruz character, Falcon, arrive as a new patient at the rehab facility.