Hi, how are you? (2010)


Hi, how are you ?, presented in advertising with good title! What are you doing ?, is a Romanian film of 2010, directed by Alexandru Maftei. Main roles are played by actors Dana Voicu, Ionel Mihailescu, Diaconescu Paul and Mary Smith. As a genre, this film is a romantic comedy with elements of drama.

Plot; The relationship between spouses Gabriel (Ionel Mihailescu) and Gabriela (Dana Voicu) entered into routine after 20 years of marriage, both partners living being bored each other. He is a former pianist who suffered from an accident on the index finger could not sing and had to turn the pages of sheet music for other pianists, worse prepared professionally. She dropped out of college to him and raise their son currently works as head of a workshop dry clothes. Their son, Vladimir (Paul Diaconescu), is 17 years old and is a punk, with many girlfriends that sex wherever they (his room on the washing machine in the chemistry lab, etc.). He wants to become famous and participate unsuccessful audition for the selection of actors for a porno.

In one day, Gabriel goes on tour with the orchestra in Paşcani and is accommodated with Marcel (Ioan Andrei Ionescu). After the concert, wanting to be alone in the room with his wife, Luminita (Iulia Boros), Marcel leads his roommate at an Internet Cafe and teaches him to converse chatting with others. At the same time, it is taught by Toni Gabriela (Ana Popescu), hired her to use chat and the couple enter into discussions with each other, but without knowing it. They converse for hours, falling for each other. Vladimir noticed that his mother comes home later and later and blackmails to buy a computer to not say anything to his father.

Chat discussions between the two continues even after arriving home of Gabriel. Vladimir’s parents buy them a computer, intending to use and its device for conversations on the Internet. Meanwhile, both spouses observe their spouse with someone else and believes it is wrong. Gabriel is surprised ballerina Natalia (Antoaneta Cojocaru) and Gabriela seen a psychology professor (Adrian Păduraru) that made the yard. The couple continue their chat conversations during this period, without disclosing their identities and real. Finally, they set up an appointment, each dodging to give the empty apartment to a mate. The couple we meet on the way to the meeting and not knowing that they were actually meeting each other, decide to return home together.

Inexplicably attracted to a classmate named Miruna Jipescu (Sabrina Iaşchevici), a “nerd” who refused the advances, Vladimir proceeds to diligently teach physics to impress. He breaks relations with his former friends, he begins to consider themselves depraved, and begins courting a “nerd”. Vladimir participating in physical Olympics, reaching the national phase of the competition school. He kissed Miruna National Olympiad in Cluj and decide to make love by participating in the International Physics Olympiad in Venice.

Each convinced that the other deceives his parents Vladimir shall establish a new meeting chat. They meet in the park with each other and decide to divorce because they no longer love. Gabriel moved alone in a studio and began to join the orchestra as an interpreter at the Triangle and cymbals. Gabriela was enrolled in a private college psychology.




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