Into The Blue (2005)


Into the Blue is a 2005 American romantic action-thriller film starring Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin and Scott Caan. The film was directed by actor John Stockwell, and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures. (source;Wikipedia)

Plot;  A sea plane flying in a stormy night malfunctions and crashes in the sea off the coast of the Bahamas.

Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) are two lovers living a rustic life in a trailer, next to the beach in the Bahamas. Sam works as a guide in the local aquatic theme park, “Atlantis”, and Jared has worked a number of odd jobs in his field of passion, diving. His real dream, though, is finding one of many merchant and pirate ships lost in the waters around the Bahamas, many of them with large amounts of gold on board. Derek Bates has similar dreams and a better boat, but Jared is not interested in working for him.

Jared’s brother Bryce (Scott Caan) and his girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott) come to visit, as Bryce, a lawyer in New York City, has acquired the use of a luxury vacation house from a client he defended. While snorkeling that day, Jared comes across artifacts from the sea bed, that seem to stem from a ship wreck. The four of them investigate and find several other pieces that turn out to be the remains of a legendary French pirate ship, the Zephyr, lost as the pirate made his getaway. They also discover the same crashed plane and its cargo of cocaine, with no apparent survivors. While at a local night club, Bryce gets into a fight with the owner Primo (Tyson Beckford), who turns out to be an associate of a drug lord Reyes (James Frain) to whom the cocaine belonged to in the first place, before leaving.

The next day, Jared, Bryce, and Amanda are being threatened aboard Reyes’s boat, and are forced to hand over the cocaine to him, otherwise they will face consequences, and Sam will be held hostage. Back on land, the trio breaks the bad news to Sam, who is heartbroken that Jared would violate his principles and work for drug lords. He tries to convince her, but she leaves him, saying that ‘they’ are over. During nightfall, Jared, Bryce, and Amanda decide to handover the cocaine to Reyes, to resolve the problem. They dive at the plane wreck to salvage the cocaine and more artifacts. As they are moving the cocaine packs from the plane to their boat, Amanda is attacked and bitten on the leg by a tiger shark. They immediately rush to shore, leaving the cocaine at the dive site. She is brought to the hospital where she dies from the bite. Hearing of the tragedy, Sam comes to the hospital, and reunites with Jared, mourning for the loss of Amanda.

Meanwhile, Sam insists on going to the police, and goes to the home of one of their friends, a local cop named Roy (Dwayne Adway). Roy is soon killed and Sam is held hostage aboard the Sea Robin; one of the boats of Derek Bates. It turns out that Bates was partners with Reyes, and the force behind him. When Reyes tried to cut Bates out Bates executed Reyes and his crew. Meanwhile, Jared and Bryce learn of Sam’s captivity, and heads off to rescue her.

They sneak below water, intending to have a surprise attack on one of Bates’ men. A fight ensues underwater, with Bates’ men being killed off one by one. On the surface, Sam struggles to escape the Sea Robin, with one of the accomplices in pursuit across the vessel. Below, Jared and Bates are the only ones left. Jared confronts Bates, in the plane and fights him. In the chaos, he uses an air tank as a missile by hammering off the valve. Bates escapes it, but as it hits the fuel tank at the back of the plane, it causes the entire plane to explode, killing Bates. Sam jumps into the water and rescues Jared, fearing for Jared’s life.

Six weeks later, the trio is salvaging the Zephyr. While trying to bring an old cannon to the surface, the rope breaks and the cannon sinks back down breaking a part of the ship. Jared is ready to call it a night, but Bryce dives in again and shouts that he has found gold.






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